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Computer Lab

Eldridge Computer Lab is currently closed due to COVID. All information and rules below are preserved for when the lab opens for student use.

The computer lab is a place that can be considered a natural extension of the classroom. Students practice the California Content Standards and the skills that they are learning in the classroom. Currently, Kindergarten to 2nd grade classes attend the lab everyday while upper-graders utilize our Chromebook Carts.

Computer Lab Rules

No food or drinks  are permitted in the computer lab. Please come to the computer lab with clean hands.

Keyboard Responsibilities: Check your keyboard every time you come to computer lab. Report any missing keys/damage to your teacher. Do this at the beginning and end of class.

  1. Line up outside of the computer lab and wait until you are asked to come in. Remember the hallways are "quiet zones."
  2. Listen to all directions by your teacher before you begin.
  3. Only use the computer in front of you 
  4. You may help others by telling them or pointing, but do not do it for them. Everyone needs a chance to learn.
  5. When on the Internet be careful not to click on advertisements .
  6. Do not change the backgrounds on desktop, Google or any other programs. 
  7. You do not have permission to download games or programs to school computers.
  8. Only print after you have permission. Do not keep printing if your print job does not print. Ask for help at any time. 
  9. Remember to log off of the programs that you are using.
  10. Do not log off or shutdown the computers unless you are asked.
  11. Lay the headphones loosely on the table on the left side of the laptop. Please do not wind up the cords or put the headphones on the monitors.
  12. When leaving the computer lab make sure that you push in your chair and line up quietly.





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